Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Truth & Democracy
self promotional work
pen and photoshop / 2012

Whenever there's a country whose ruler oppresses his people, NATO shows up, whenever there's a country where people are killed the human rights disrespected, NATO is there to ensure it doesn't happen, whenever there's a threat to the just democratic world NATO is there to save the day.

Yet all this happens each day in Syria, with hundreds of innocents being killed since January this year!
And NATO, Russia, the media, and many others are nowhere to be seen.
They're nowhere.
And why is that?

Next time you see words like DEMOCRACY, SOLIDARITY, RIGHTFULNESS, TRUTH...
Think for yourself.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Publico 3 Publishing

Dear all!
It is with very great pleasure and thanks for the luck that I have my illustrations published in one of the most prestigious newspaper in Portugal online page - supplement Público3 (P3) in 08/03/2012.
You may find a short bio and 20 illustrations in the following link and facebook:!/PublicoP3PT
Olá a todos!
É com muito prazer e também agradecimentos pela sorte que vejo as minhas ilustrações publicadas num dos mais prestigiantes jornais em Portugal versão online - no Público3 (P3) em 08/03/2012.
Poderão encontar uma pequena biografia e 20 ilustrações no seguinte link e facebook:!/PublicoP3ES
Hola a todos!
Es con gran emoción y también muchas garcias por la suerte que veo mis ilustraciones publicadas en uno de los periódicos más prestigiosos de Portugal versión online - en el Público3 (P3) en 08/03/2012.
Poderán encontrar una breve biografia y 20 ilustraciones el siguiente enlace y facebook:!/PublicoP3
Cheers/Um abraço/Un saludo

Monday, March 5, 2012


self promotional work
pen and photoshop / 2012