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News of the World #51 (07/2010)

Periodismo y Prostituición

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Posts at Diagonal Web

Furthermore, I'm making my regular NEWS OF THE WORLD posts at the Periodico Diagonal newspaper's web, check it out at:

ACTA Illustration for Diagonal

Title: ACTA (2010)
Size: 15,5 x 11,5cm
Media: Mixed Media
Client: Periodico Diagonal, Madrid.
I'm happy to say that I managed to publish my first illustration in a big newspaper.
It's an article illustration concerning the ACTA negotiations over the control of file sharing on the Internet and the delegation of the application of the law to corporations and not by the state.
It came out in Periodico Diagonal, Madrid n. 131 (22 Jul to 1 Set 2010), distribution: 15.000 papers in various selling places.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This month, one of the greatest portuguese writters of all time, passed away. José Saramago used his unique blend of words, images, descriptions, irony, delusion and sensibilty in order to create alegories in which we could mirror our own humanity.

"Por que foi que cegámos, Não sei, talvez um diz se chegue a conhecer a razão, Queres que te diga o que penso, Diz, Penso que não cegámos, penso que estamos cegos, Cegos que veem, cegos que, vendo, nao veem".

Title: Blindness (2010)
Media: Acrylic
Client: ESDIP


Title: Bubbles (2010)
Size: 14,7 x 21 cm
Media: Gouache over cardboard
Client: ESDIP

News of the World #50 (07/2010)

Un Dia en TU memoria

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News of the World #49 (07/2010)

Subterranean Technology-Sick Blues